05 December 2013

31DNAC Day 24: Inspired By A Book

Hi guys! I know I'm super behind on the challenge, so for the next three days, I will be catching up! Today's nails are "inspired by a book," and I just couldn't pick one book to be inspired by, so I decided to do some book nails using the newspaper nail art technique!

This is my first attempt at newspaper nails, and I did a pretty terrible job of it! I used a base color of Zoya Dove (with top coat), and then using scraps of newspaper, I pressed them onto my nails with rubbing alcohol. The print barely rubbed off onto my nail! So, I decided to cover up my mistakes with some bright blue acrylic flowers, using the same technique from these nails. I couldn't get any newsprint on my pinky fingernail, so I just covered the entire nail with flowers.

Do you have any tips for newspaper nails? What can I do differently to make the print transfer to the nail?

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