02 October 2013

The Juice Box: Alive Collection Swatches

Today, I have a review from an indie brand called The Juice Box. They make unique 3-free, handmade nail polish for a great price! The collection I'm reviewing is the Alive collection, which consists of four Halloween themed glitters that are perfect for any season! Let's get started:

First up is my favorite from the collection, Beauty Queen. Guys, there is nothing better than a polish done right, and trust me, this polish is done right. It's a smooth black jelly filled with gold, silver, and pink holographic hex glitters and holographic silver circles. Would you believe this is just one coat over black? Look at how much depth is in this polish! And not only did it require no fishing, but it applied like butter - by far the easiest application I've dealt with in a long time.

Next is If I Still Had Eyes, a glitter bomb packed with silver, black, and irridescent hex glitters. Shown above is two coats over Julep Valerie. This polish is so sparkly! This polish was a tad thicker, but that's to be expected from glitter filled polishes.

Next we have Story Of My Life, a glitter topper filled with orange, purple, white, and black glitters of varying shapes and sizes. You can even see one of the giant purple holographic circles on my pinky finger! This color is perfect for Halloween! Shown above is two coats over Zoya Dove.

And last, we have Nobody Likes You When You're Dead, a glitter filled with small green irridescent hex glitters, as well as larger green hexes and green and gray circles! Shown above is two coats over Julep Daria.

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with this collection. Although the polishes are packed with heavy glitters, none of them required any fishing or holding bottles upside down. They all applied so smoothly!

This polish will be available at The Juice Box on October 5th, but you still have time to preorder it! You can get all four minis for just $14 here (US only).

Which polish is your favorite?

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