31 October 2013

Born Pretty Store Floral Decals

Hi all! Happy Halloween! Today's manicure is definitely not reflective of the holiday, but it's still pretty! I know how much you all love floral water decal manicures, so I got some more flower decals from Born Pretty Store to share with you guys!

I used China Glaze Tart-y for the Party as my base. Then, I cut out my water decals and stuck them in water (after peeling off the protective film first - I learned that the hard way!!) After twenty seconds, I pulled them out and peeled the design off the paper using tweezers and placed them on my nails. I finished it off with top coat.

Water decals are a great way to have awesome nails without doing much work. The packs generally come with enough for a full manicure and then some extras that you can use as detail nail art. And, when you use the discount code RFL91 at checkout, you will get 10% off your entire order at Born Pretty Store (and free shipping!)

What do you think of water decals? What's your experience using them?

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