28 August 2013

The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge

As a nail blogger, I get asked a lot of questions. About nail care, nail polishes, you name it! But I have to say, the question I get asked most often is this:

"You're The Nail Polish Challenge? What's the 'challenge'?"

Well, for those of you who have been asking, here's the answer: I created this name with the sole purpose of completing nail art challenges. And for those of you who follow me, you can see that I hardly ever participate in them, let alone finish them! So far I've attempted the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge twice, and both times I didn't get too far. But this time, I decided the best way to conquer this challenge is to recruit some help!

I teamed up with some amazing ladies on Instagram and together we decided to complete the original nail art challenge, the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

This is the challenge. Every day, complete a manicure according to these guidelines. But I decided another way to conquer this challenge is to do it twice a week, rather than every day! So I will be starting on Friday and we will all post our manicures on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Don't worry, I will still be posting swatches, reviews, and other random nail art in between!

You can follow our tag on Instagram by searching for #31DNAC. I will try my best to post links to the manicures of the other ladies of this challenge, but here are their Instagram accounts: @thepolishedokie, @chorubim, and @ameynails. They deserve tons more followers, so go follow them if you have Instagram!

Feel free to join in the challenge with us! The above image was created by me, so feel free to use it!

Good luck!

EDIT: You can see ALL of my challenge manicures by clicking here!

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