17 August 2013

Fing'rs Nail Tattoos Review

Hey guys, yesterday I picked up this cool looking kit from Walmart by Fing'rs. Walmart has really stepped up their nail polish game, but I haven't seen much in terms of reviews, so I picked up just this one - it's a nail tattoo kit, which is pretty much just a water decal kit (you've seen me use water decals before.) This particular kit comes with three different patterns of transfer paper and two base polishes.

(Enjoy this crappy photo I took of the kit. There's a neutral beige color and a darker gray, and the three decals include a newspaper type print, some colorful chevrons, and a subway map.)

I tried the subway map decal, and it turned out pretty well! I didn't use the provided polishes though; I went with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls just to make the decal pop. The directions were pretty simple - just use the decals like a temporary tattoo. When your base color is completely dry, dip the decal in water and press it onto your nails for a couple seconds. When you peel off the backing, the decal will remain on the nails.

This was my first experience with a full nail decal, and I think I did pretty well - this kit is designed for everyone, so it doesn't take much to have a cool design on the nails!

I can't find a link to purchase the kit on Walmart's website, but you can buy it here on Amazon for $9.99. I think it was a couple bucks cheaper through Walmart though, so it might be worth taking a drive there! Walmart also has some new kits with flocking powder, glitter, and other nail accessories. Have you bought any of them? Let me know what you think!

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