26 June 2013

Ozotic 530 Swatch and Review

Today's polish was part of a giveaway prize that I won from Chorubim on Instagram - it's an indie polish called Ozotic, and they have (from what I've seen online) gorgeous multichrome polishes and glitter toppers. This polish is a glitter topper called 530.

Let's get to the review!

Here's a bottle shot of Ozotic 530. It's stunning, I don't even know how to describe it - multichrome glitters that shift from gold to orange to pink and even have a blue shimmer in the edges!

Another bottle shot, because I drooled too much just looking at it.. You can see the true color better in this photo. Almost like a sunset!

Here's two coats over black. It went on smoothly and didn't even require dabbing! The brush in the bottle is wide, so it makes for easy application. This really looks like a shimmering sunset to me!

A slightly blurry photo to show you guys the sparkle! Oh my gosh I love it. This polish would really be perfect for wearing at night at a fancy dinner or in a club!

Ozotic 530 doesn't appear to be available anymore on the picture polish website (although you can get tons of other Ozotics there, but remember that they ship from Australia so it might be expensive).
However, you can get this shade from Llarowe for $15.50USD.

What do you think? What's your experience with Ozotic?


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