30 June 2013

Julep Maven July Bombshell Box.. And What It Means to Be A Julep Maven

Today I am going to give you an in-depth review of a brand I have been using for a long time, Julep. You might have seen this brand before in Sephora, retailing for $14 a bottle, and at a whopping 8mL (a bit more than half the size of a regular bottle of polish), it might not seem worth the price.

Well, let me tell you how I get my Julep polishes at an extreme discount - I became a Julep Maven. Signing up to be a Maven is easy and free - just take the Style Quiz (at the bottom of the page), and you are given a style profile to match your answers! You will quickly receive your introductory box of choice, and every month after that, you get to choose one of five beauty and polish boxes to be sent to you for just $19.99. Each box includes two polishes and a beauty product - or you can choose to be sent two beauty products, or three polishes.

Here is what a box looks like - this is the Bombshell box I got for the month of July:

This month's theme was "California Coast," so the polishes were all inspired by California sunsets. I chose the box with two polishes and a product (the third polish you see was an "add-on"- more on those in a bit!)
This month's box came with a full sized dry body oil, complete with instructions on how to use it! I haven't given a try yet, but it smells delicious!

Each month's box also comes with a small gift (this month it was green tea facial blotting papers) and a cute quote written on a card.

Here are the polishes I received:

This first color is Julep Joanna, a shimmery pastel purple with the slightest hint of bright purple flecks. Shown above is two easy coats without topcoat.

Next up is Julep Blakely, a dark shimmery duochrome that shows purple in direct light, and green in the shade. I wasn't able to get a good photo in the shade, but you can see a bit of the shift in this picture. I did get a photo of the direct light here:

Look at the difference! This color is definitely beautiful. Shown in the above photos is two easy coats, no top coat.

And last but certainly not least:

Julep Fireworks is a patriotic glitter topcoat that has red, silver, and blue glitters in verying sizes. Shown above is one coat of Fireworks over Julep Char (navy blue) and Essie Blanc. I chose to add Julep Fireworks as an add-on to my box. Add-ons are a great way to add to your Julep collection - with each month, you can choose up to three additional polishes or products to add to your monthly box. Each polish you add-on is just $4.99!

Julep polish is beautiful, easy to use (wide brushes!) and the Maven deal is great for any polish addict. The best part is, the subscription is free and if you don't like any of the month's boxes, you can skip with no issue! There is no commitment to being a Maven and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
When you are a Maven, you can get a serious discount and free shipping on any Julep online order as well. I have been a Maven for almost a year now, and I don't plan on cancelling my subscription anytime soon!

Want to be a Julep Maven, too? You can join HERE. And to make it a bit more enticing, enter the coupon code FREEBOX to get your first box for free!
(You have to pay shipping for your introductory box, but the rest of your boxes and Julep purchases will have free shipping!)

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