08 May 2013

Mix n Match Purple Patterned Nails!

Today's nail art is inspired by a BUNCH of amazing nail artists. Now, my cuticles aren't looking great today, because I took the photos in a hurry!

So let's start with the pinky finger, which is a mixed up chevron manicure inspired by this awesome manicure by Dressed Up Nails.

The middle finger is inspired by the amazing Little Nails and her flawless mermaid nails.

And last but not least is the fishtail braid nails, which I created with the help of this tutorial by Lucy's Stash.

(Yes, you can see the edge of my lightbox! Whoops!)

I used a TON of colors in this manicure. I will try to rattle them all off:
- China Glaze Fancy Pants, Tart-y For the Party, Designer Satin
- a England Avalon
- Pretty & Polished Romance is Dead
- Colour Gossip Bora Bora

I think that's all of them!

 Enjoy this mixed up manicure :)


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