16 December 2012

Christmas Manicure!

My first post in a LONG time - sorry for neglecting you guys, but I am SO stressed with finals and I'm also switching dorms which has been a long process, and now I have to pack my stuff and move out.. so basically I haven't had time to take lots of nail photos. But I'm making it up to you guys by having a christmas manicure! Yay!

I used Lalya holographic polish Mercury Twilight as a base, and then using tape, I decorated with OPI Danke-shiny Red and OPI Jade is the New Black, and Essie Good as Gold for little accents!

This is my nails in direct light to show you the detail and holographic-ness! I love this manicure and I can't wait to do more Christmas nails, but I can't promise them too often because I'm still so busy!

Hope you all had a nice Chanukah, I might do some Chanukah nails even though it is over :p


  1. i love the little tree. alsoooo totally can relate to being stressed out! i finished my finals this past week and have moved more times than i thought possible in the last few months. hang in there!


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