04 October 2012

OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest With Konad Stamping!

I know I am so late with the OPI Germany collection, but I pretty much have all of them! And guess what else I purchased today? Black and white Konad polish!

So here is Every Month is Oktoberfest with some lovely white Konad stamping polish:

This color is gorgeous! It looks black in some light, purple in some, and even a beautiful dark red in direct light!

Here is a closeup of the color on my nail and in the bottle. I couldn't get the red shimmer to come out on my nails in the lightbox, but it's defnitely there!

My stamping isn't perfect but I am so excited to start stamping with real Konad polish.


  1. This looks so good! That stamping is so opaque and it really stands out!

    1. Thanks :) I so love this white polish

  2. Looks awesome! That white really complements the dark shimmery base <3


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