11 September 2012

31DC2012 Day 3: Yellow

Today's nails are yellow (for the most part) but like most people, I neither own much yellow nail polish nor do I look good with it on, so I decided to go with nude nails and a yellow accent.

This is a base of the unnamed e.l.f. polish I got at Target. The yellow is China Glaze Electric Pineapple, which can sometimes look almost greenish but today thankfully it looked yellow enough ;)

Originally I was going to do a gradient, but I am having trouble with my sponge and thicker polishes, and I have had this yellow for a while.

Glad to get yellow over with :p


  1. I like how you did the yellow on the tips combined with the nude!

  2. i like this nude colour and with the yellow it looks really light and summery :)

  3. Ooh it looks good! I'm thinking of getting a yellow neon for this purpose only haha


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