06 July 2012

China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard Swatch!

I finally made a light box! I am so satisfied. I made one a while ago in school but I did not have the correct lightbulb, so my colors came out all kinds of distorted and now I am finally able to post pictures without having to color correct them!

Here is a swatch from the China Glaze Summer Neons Collection, called I'm With The Lifeguard. It is a pearly neon green that's great for a summer day! (Or a night out!)

As you can see, I only painted two of my nails with I'm With the Lifeguard. I thought they would add nice detail to my newest polish from OPI, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which is a fantastically opaque white from the Amazing Spiderman Collection. Here I have two coats of white and one of green.

I did use the white as a base coat for I'm With the Lifeguard, and I think that made it pop a whole lot more! My mom tried three coats without a white base, and hers was still pretty thin - and this was only one coat and I think it looks perfect. So I definitely recommend that anyone using this color (or any neon for that matter) should start with a white base to make the color pop more.

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