30 May 2012

Penguin Nails (And a little treat!!)

Today I got a couple of new polishes, nothing from any new collections (actually, I did get one from OPI's NYC Ballet collection) but more about those later.

I decided to try out a penguin manicure, and since I am working, I didn't want to put them on each nail so I decided a detail nail was going to have to be good enough.

I know I know, not the best penguin ever.. but he's kind of cute, right??

I do love the dark blue that I used as a base, essie's "bobbing for baubles." I wonder what collection it's from, does anyone else know?

And I also visited a beautiful orchid garden and my boyfriend wanted to take a photo of my nails next to some pretty purple flowers :)

I guess he didn't realize that both the flowers AND my nails were out of focus but whatever O:) I still think it was a cute idea.

(Yes, that was your treat. Don't be so disappointed~!)


  1. Your boyfriend was thoughtful to do that. I love a significant other that respects the importance of nails. Penguin is cute too.

  2. He certainly is very cute. Good job...I love him! Aaawww...how sweet is he? Thumbs up on the boyfriend. :)


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