03 May 2012

Nail Art Challenge Day 1: Red

Hey so I got out of class early today and decided to... paint my nails!

This is Confetti's "The Red Carpet" - normally I choose a higher quality nail polish, but for a simple creme red, I think Confetti does the trick.

This is one coat of The Red Carpet over ORLY's Ridge Filler base, topped off with some Seche Vite.

Originally, I was going to make a glitter gradient with ORLY "Star Spangled" but I failed miserably! I guess I have to work up to the gradients :p

So here is my pitiful attempt at a detail nail. Needless to say, this will be coming off ASAP.

I think I'm just going to have to knock out the boring colors as fast as possible. Stay tuned!

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