03 May 2012

The Nail Polish Challenge: Introduction!

Hey everyone!

This is a new blog I'm starting about nail polish! I plan on including not only my nail art, but reviews of the polishes I have purchased and other accessories.

Why did I call it The Nail Polish Challenge? Well, being a college student with a full time internship, in between other hobbies such as filmmaking and writing my first novel (!) - it is such a CHALLENGE to paint my nails every day! But I love doing it so much that I decided to force myself to step up to the challenge and make a nail blog where I post photos as often as I can.

Some random facts about me:
Currently my collection is about 70 polishes.
My favorite color to wear on my nails is blue!
I have a Bundle Monster stamping kit but I prefer to use dotting tools and tape for my manicures.
And I live at the wonderful Jersey Shore (no, I do not fist bump, go tanning, or hang out with Snooki.)

My first challenge is THE challenge!
For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, here is the breakdown of the official Nail Art Challenge.
I surprisingly never attempted this challenge before, even though I have had nail blogs.

So expect to see some work from me! (Probably starting tomorrow, since I have class tonight and won't have time to do my nails. See, it's a challenge!)

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