14 May 2012

Blue Splatter Manicure

So I know I'm a little late on the trend - but I saw everyone doing splatter manicures yesterday and I wanted to join in on the fun so I made my own splatter last night :)

I know I made such a mess but I completely forgot to tape off my fingers so I've been just picking at my cuticles and now they are even more of a wreck than usual!

Base: China Glaze "Platinum Silver"
Splatters: Essie "Go Overboard"
  Sinful Colors "Savage"
  China Glaze "For Audrey"
..and then I mixed them together!

And now for some awkward photos of my right hand!


  1. love it but dont you need thinner? howd you do yours??

    1. I haven't heard of anyone doing this manicure with thinner, actually! I just stuck a straw into my polish bottle and blew it on to my nail - I might add a photo tutorial soon, because I haven't seen any of those :)


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