17 February 2015

Femme Fatale Deluxe Edition Valentine Trio 2015 Swatches + Review

Hi guys! I hope you've all been well. We are dealing with a ton of snow here in New Jersey (it feels like it'll never end!) and I'm pretty much ready for spring to come. Anyway, I've got a deluxe edition Valentine's Day trio from Femme Fatale to share with you today - I know Valentine's Day is over, but these shades are definitely not just for the holiday! The trio is no longer available from Femme Fatale, but they are still available from a ton of other stockists, which I will list at the end of the post.

This trio consists of one jelly and two glitters, both of which can be built to full opacity. They come in these gorgeous black deluxe edition boxes! I found that these formulas were easy to use (easier than the last collection I reviewed, although I think I got used to those formulas pretty quickly anyway.) The colors aren't necessarily Valentine's themed, so they're good to wear any time, and they're definitely very unique and beautiful! Let's take an individual look:

Star Crossed Lovers is a dark fuchsia jely packed with sparkly red, purple and blue microglitters and an intense purple shimmer. It's so pretty and it almost reminds me of space! The shimmer in this definitely makes it unique, and I loved it in two coats, but if you want it darker, you can layer it over a similar base color or go with a third coat. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Here's a close up in the bottle and on the nail. Seriously, if the galaxy was purple, it would look like this polish!

Next we have Rich in Beauty, a champagne gold based holographic glitter topper featuring small squares and a gorgeous purple shimmer. I layered this one over purple to show off the beautiful shimmer, but it sort of got lost in my photo! This color is definitely gorgeous layered over any dark color, but black probably shows off the shimmer best. Either way, this glitter applied smoothly and easily in just one coat and it didn't feel chunky at all on the nail! Shown above is one coat over OPI A Grape Affair, plus top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. You can really see all that gorgeous shimmer and iridescent holo action!

Finally, we have Fool's Paradise, a gorgeous blackened gold glitter featuring gold and multichrome flakes as well as holographic glitter! Because of the multichrome flakies, this one shifts into such beautiful colors, and it can definitely reach full opacity on its own. I chose to layer it over black - and this is just one coat! Again, application was a breeze and top coat made this one smooth and shiny. Shown above is one easy coat over Cuccio 2am in Hollywood, with top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. Doesn't it almost remind you of a pirate's treasure? I love that rusted gold look!

Overall, these polishes are definitely beautiful and great to add to my collection. I think my favorite is Fool's Paradise - I can see myself using it in some awesome nail art manicures, and I just love the creative use of multichrome flakies!

As I mentioned earlier, these polishes are no longer available from the Femme Fatale website, but they are offered from the following international retailers: Shiro Cosmetics, Color4Nails, Rainbow Connection, and Beauty So Fly. Follow Femme Fatale on Facebook to stay updated on new collections and restocks!

Some products provided for my honest review.

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
Femme Fatale shades, retailers listed above
OPI A Grape Affair, available here
Cuccio 2am in Hollywood, available here
Top: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available here


  1. Oh man, I don't know how I can pick a favorite...I suppose it's a good thing it comes as a trio! I love that you paired Rich in Beauty over purple - that is so strikingly beautiful! And I think there has to be a galaxy somewhere that is purple like Star Crossed Lovers :)

  2. These are all stunning! I would totally rock them all :) But I think Rich in Beauty needs to become mine immediately, wowza!

  3. Beautiful polishes...and the bottles and packaging are gorgeous!

  4. I'm so glad you loved these as much as I did. Your swatches are so swoon worthy! Star Crossed Lovers looks incredible on you! <3

  5. Victoria - manicuratorFebruary 18, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    Beautiful shades and gorgeous swatches! I have to sit down and swatch these too!

  6. These are beautiful! I don't guess I've seen Femme Fatale's new bottles, but they are nice!


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