08 December 2015

Major Announcement

Hi guys!

Wow, it's been a seriously long time, hasn't it?

I feel like a total and complete stranger being on this blog. But I know I owe you guys a pretty big explanation as to where I've been, so it's time to let it all out:

I haven't quit my polish addiction, I promise. And I'm still sharing my nail art and swatches with the world. I've actually started posting a ton of videos on YouTube- not just nail art, but favorites videos, nail care tips, and reviews as well.

Here's a quick sampling of the sort of stuff I've been doing:

Here's a pretty fun video on how I did these quilted nails.

A video on how to remove glitter polish. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

And the craziest one of all - YES, I am actually posting videos with my face in them!

So as you can see, I've definitely not stopped my love for polish - in fact, I think it's grown since I stopped blogging on here. I'll admit, there were times where I felt like I wasn't connecting personally with my readers, just because I was always having troubles with my commenting system, or because I was rushing through typing out blog posts, and it really started to stress me out. I decided to do all my blogging on Instagram, but I realized that I wanted to share extended video tutorials, and after that, I started branching out into other videos as well. (But I'm still regularly posting to Instagram!)

And that brings me to my next huge announcement - I actually changed my name! For four years, I went by The Nail Polish Challenge, but after struggling with my feelings for that name, I finally decided it was time for a change. I am still in the process of switching over my social media channels but for the most part, you can find me online as Kelli Marissa

So anyway, I hope you guys can join me on my new journey as Kelli Marissa. I don't think I will be posting on here anymore, so you can follow my Instagram and YouTube pages to stay updated. Maybe in the future I will jump back to blogging, but for now, I am just so happy with what I am doing :) Hope to hear from you ladies on my new channels!

Happy polishing, everyone <3

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