03 January 2014

31DNAC Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

Only a few more days of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge are left! Today's prompt is "inspired by the supernatural," and before I started the challenge, I was a bit nervous about this nail art. But lately, I have been obsessively watching an awesome supernatural show called Being Human, and it inspired me to create this vampire french manicure!

Instead of going with a classic "fang" style manicure, I decided to let my imagination wander - I asked myself, what kind of nails would I love if I was a vampire? So, I came up with this bloody french manicure using the same technique from my New Year's nail art! I used (the appropriately named) OPI My Vampire is Buff as a base, and OPI All I Want For Christmas Is OPI for the bloody tips.

I am totally loving this grungy french manicure look, and I will definitely be making a tutorial video soon (as per your requests!) I think this nail art is perfect for vampires to wear ;)

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