07 May 2015

I Scream Nails: New Polishes for 2015


Hi guys! I am finally back from Las Vegas and definitely feeling jet lagged - but luckily I have these pretty new shades to share with you from I Scream Nails, an Australian brand I was first introduced to in the beginning of the year with their original collection. I totally loved their adorable bottles and the incredible formulas, and I was so thrilled to try out their four new colors!

Their latest shades consist of four cremes in various bright colors - two neons, and two pastel shades. The formulas on all were consistently wonderful! And those ice cream cone shaped bottles are just too adorable. Let's take an individual look:

Grasshopper Pie is a gorgeous minty green neon pastel creme. I seriously adore this one! It's perfect for any season but I'm especially excited to wear it during the summer. I absolutely loved the formula two - you're looking at two easy coats with top coat.

Pineapple Punch is a super bright, in your face neon yellow creme. This color may not seem unique, but it's the only neon yellow polish I have ever tried that didn't require a white base coat! That's right, the photo above shows three coats alone with top coat. As with neon formulas, this one was semi matte before I added top coat. (If you're wondering the difference between this yellow and Juicy Juicy, their original yellow creme, this one is much brighter and more neon!)

Vovolicious is a pale pink creme. Oh, what a beautiful and unexpected color! I usually find that pale pastel cremes like this can be difficult to work with, but the formula on this one was just perfect. It was opaque in two coats, but you're looking at three thin coats with top coat. It's a classic shade for your collection!

Finally, we have Musk Have It!, a super bright cool-toned neon pink creme. At first glance, this one seemed similar to Bubblegum Bang, but as soon as I looked at the bottles next to each other, I spotted the major difference - Musk Have It! is distinctly cool-toned, whereas the other is much warmer. This shade was also opaque in two coats but my photo above shows three thin coats with top coat. I think this is an incredible summer shade and I can't wait to use it in nail art.

Overall, these new shades are a total must have for me! I absolutely love them all and just like the last collection, I can see myself using them often for nail art - especially since the formulas are so incredibly easy to work with. You can purchase these shades from the I Scream Nails online shop for $14.95 AUD, or purchase them in store at these locations in Australia.

And if you're a fan of funky nail art, make sure you check out the I Scream Nails Instagram page, where they showcase looks from their salons! I find myself getting a lot of inspiration from their unique designs.

What do you think of these shades? Which is your favorite?

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