18 March 2015

LAQA & Co. Gold Fleck + Green Manicure Duo Nail Art


Hi guys! Today I'm sharing a quick and easy look using a new-to-me brand called LAQA & Co. They are known for their convenient on-the-go products and adorable packaging - each box of nail polish contains unique art from an emerging artist.

The product I'm reviewing today is their Gold Fleck Manicure Duo, which contains two polishes - a turquoise creme, and a glitter shard top coat. (Fun fact: I actually thought this product was called "gold fleek" - still not 100% sure what "fleek" means but I keep seeing it everywhere! Haha!)

Here is the simple nail art look I created using the Gold Fleck Manicure Duo. I started off with two easy coats of Gremlin, the turquoise creme. The formula was nice and easy to use - the only thing that took some getting used to was the heaviness of the brush, since it also contained the other polish. Once that was dry, I sponged on Gold Fleck at the tips of my nails, and dabbed on some smaller pieces as I went up, to create a gradient look. I topped everything off with top coat.

I actually love how insanely simple and easy to do this nail art look was! Of course, you can paint on the Gold Fleck topper as a normal glitter top coat if you want, but I thought this was more exciting. I would definitely be interested in trying a mosaic look with this duo, by placing the gold shards on each nail.

I was curious to see how this manicure would look mattified:

And I was so not disappointed! The mattified glitters have a totally different look, and I love it as well. I did prefer the matte look in person better, but I think my photo of the glossy version looks nicer.

Overall, I think this is a nifty little duo and it's nice to create a nail art look using just one product. You can purchase this manicure duo here for $17 USD.

As I mentioned earlier, LAQA & Co. is known for on-the-go products - they actually have a nail polish pen, where you can actually paint your nails without having to open a polish bottle. It sounds super intriguing and I'm very curious to try it. Have any of you tried it before?!

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
Polishes: listed above
Top: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available hereBorn Pretty Store Matte Top Coat, available here (use code RFL91 for 10% off your order!)


  1. Perfection <3 Gold and mint is probably one of my all time fav combinations so I obviously adore these.

  2. DAT MATTE THO. Daaamn girl, I'm in love! And I don't even like shredded glitter!

  3. This is really pretty! Also an awesome idea. Also from my understanding fleek is another way of saying on point (I may be wrong but Ia'm 99.99% sure). So for example my gay friend always says to me giiirrrlll your nails are on fleek!

  4. OMG...mattified! This is such a stunning combo! I think you are right, the gradient look was totally the way to go vs wearing it like a standard glitter.

  5. I usually don't like gold fleeks on the nails, but in this combination it looks awesome!

  6. This is a super cute combination! I love the gold flakes!

  7. These are beautiful! These gold flecks are definitely ON FLEEK! ;)


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