29 January 2015

Zoya Transitional 2015: Naturel Satins

Hey guys! Today I have the latest from Zoya to show you - the Naturel Satins collection! Zoya is so great at coming up with transitional collections with neutral colors (you remember their Naturel Deux collection? Perfection!) Anyway, these neutrals are unique in that they have a new satin finish, which falls somewhere between matte and shiny.

I actually found myself really loving the satin finish - it reminded me of soft leather! But of course, you can top this with either matte or shiny top coat if you prefer. That's why this polish is so great - you can wear it so many different ways! All the colors in this collection were perfectly opaque in two coats, and the formula was extremely easy to work with (although, since it is recommended that you skip the top coat, any ridges you may have could show through the polish, so I would suggest buffing lightly or using a ridge filling base coat!) Let's take a look:

Ana is a beautiful light beige neutral with a satin finish. You can see what I mean about that soft leathery finish, right? Anyway, this color leaned slightly pink, which I think is perfect on my skin tone, but I imagine it'll look beautiful on anyone! Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Brittany is a pale dusty rose creme with a satin finish. Another stunning color! I just love that neutrals work any time of year, but these particular shades seem perfect for spring. Plus, they really are perfect for the office. Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Leah is a gorgeous greige creme with a purple undertone and a satin finish. The cool tone actually looks perfect with this color, and I imagine it's a perfect base for nail art (honestly, all of these are!) Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Rowan is a lovely brownish taupe creme with a satin finish. This is the definition of neutral polish to me, because it really doesn't lean warm or cool, and it's such a beautiful shade to cleanse the palette. Not to mention, a shade like this is beautiful on all skin tones! Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Are you as excited as I am to see a soft green in this neutrals collection?! Sage is a muted green creme with a satin finish. What a beautiful color! This is seriously the perfect transitional color from winter to spring, and I really love that it was included in a Naturel collection. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

zoya tove

Tove is a beautiful slate gray creme with a satin finish. When I first saw this polish next to the neutral browns and pinks, I thought it had a blue tinge, but after comparing it to some gray and blue polishes, I realized that it is definitely a true gray. And who doesn't love a new gray in their collection, especially with such a lovely formula?! Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Overall, I am definitely in love with this collection. I would be happy to see Zoya come up with neutrals for every transition in seasons, because they always seem to come out perfect. I can see myself wearing ALL of these shades to work, and just anytime because they're so versatile. I really can't choose favorites here!

These shades are available from Zoya for $9 USD each or $54 USD for the entire collection.

Which one is your favorite? How do you feel about neutrals?

*Some products provided for my honest review.

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
Polishes: listed above
Top: none


  1. Beautiful swatches Kelli! You are the first blogger to really like this collection. Everyone else has been underwhelmed. I think it really depends on your skin tone. It makes a huge difference oh how the polish looks. Thanks for this review :)

  2. Such wonderful swatches of all these colors. There so nice and wearable. The satin finish on them is lovely.

  3. Wow I didn't expect to like these but these soft colors are really soothing!

  4. These looks fantastic on you! Especially Sage, I wish it looked this good on me, haha.

  5. I really do love each color on you :) I'd love to try some of these as well. Neutrals are great to wear at any time!

  6. Amazing shades! Look great :)


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