19 January 2015

Pueen Buffet Leisure Stamping Plate Set + I Scream Nails

Hello guys! Digit-al Dozen week is over but I've still got a bit more nail art for you - today I have some nail art featuring the new stamping plate set by Pueen, the Buffet Leisure set! The "stamping buffet" plates feature a fully etched design on each plate which allows for tons of nail art possibilities!

This set comes with 24 plates, in a convenient carrying case. All of the designs are beautiful and they're perfect for nails of any length, because you can choose how much and which design to use. I decided to do some "advanced stamping" and incorporate it into some simple skittle nail art:

I started with I Scream Nails Grape Soda on my outer two nails and Cirque Carpe Diem on my middle nails. I sponged on a quick and fun gradient with I Scream Nails Bubblegum Bang, and then created my stamping decal with Nanacoco Love Black. First, I let the pattern dry on the stamper, and then I filled it in with the two I Scream Nails shades. I topped it with top coat, and let that dry before placing it on my nail and topping that off with top coat to seal it in. I just love the end result!

I have a quick tutorial video on how I created this decal on YouTube.

Can we take a moment to drool over these gorgeous shades from I Scream Nails? These colors are so bright! I'm reviewing their collection soon, but I just couldn't resist using them for some nail art first.

Here is the stamping plate I used for this design - you can see there are three different patterns etched into it. I just loved the little strawberries and bows!

Here are the polishes I used. You can purchase the I Scream Nails shades here; the Nanacoco shade here; and the Cirque white here.

The Buffet Leisure stamping plate set is available here for $20.99 USD.

What do you think of this stamping set? Are you an avid stamper?

Base: Duri Rejuvacote, purchase here

I Scream Nails Bubblegum Bang, I Scream Nails Grape Soda, purchase here
Nanacoco Love Black, purchase here (use code POLISHCHALLENGE for 15% off)
Cirque Carpe Diem, review here

Top: Seche Vite, purchase here (use code INEEDMORENAILPOLISH for 10% off)


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