11 December 2014

Glam Polish Fantasia Flakies: Multichrome Flake Swatches

Hi guys! I'm sure by now that a lot of you have seen the trend of multichrome flakies which has taken the nail polish world by storm - today I've got swatches of a couple of these gorgeous toppers from Glam Polish. These flakies are fully opaque, even on their own, and feature a strong color shift in different lighting situations. Because of the colors, my camera had a bit of a difficult time photographing these, so I used matte top coat for my swatches. (Weirdly enough, I forgot to make a title image for this post, but I've got some simple nail art look to show you too, so that makes up for it right?) Let's get right into it then!

The first flakie I tried is Comet Storm, a purple multichrome flakie topper which features hints of green and blue flakies as well. I layered it over black for the swatch above, but the flakes are fully opaque, even on their own. You could probably build them to full coverage to achieve the look that the flakies have in the bottle! The formula gave me no trouble at all, and I just applied it like regular polish. Shown above is one coat over black with matte top coat.

Here is a closer look on the bottle and in the nail. In the bottle, you can see the color shift to gold and green, but it isn't as present on the nail - however, you can see all the different flakie colors pretty clearly!

Star Shadow is a primarily teal multichrome flakie topper which features hints of gold and bright blue flakies as well. Again, I layered it over black in the swatch above, and the formula was easy to work with. This is such a beautiful color and I was completely mesmerized with it on my nails! Shown above is one coat over black with matte top coat.

Here is a closer look in the bottle and on the nail. Again, the multichrome shift to blue and purple was more present in the bottle than on the nail, but I just love that flakie effect. It looks like beautiful stained glass shards on the nail.

I thought these colors paired well together, so I decided to make a gradient of sorts with them:

In this nail art look, I actually did not use matte top coat, so you can see the full shimmery effect of these multichrome toppers. I started with a coat of black, and then I dabbed on Comet Storm on the top half of my nail, slowly blending it into Star Shadow on the bottom half of my nail using the brush from the bottle. Isn't it such a cool effect?!

I love this photo because you can really see all the color shifting of the flakes. I imagine that used sparingly, these toppers could make some beautiful galaxy nail art! The purple looks especially gorgeous - I think because I used a thicker layer than in my swatch. You might benefit from trying two coats of these flakies, or like I said, building them to full opacity without a base color.

These polishes are available now from Glam Polish and retail for $12.95 USD each. There are a couple of other multichrome flakie toppers in the collection as well, so be sure to check those out. As Glam Polish is an Australian brand, you might want to see their list of international stockists when purchasing these polishes.

I have to say, these effect toppers are unlike anything I have in my collection, so I'm pleased to add them to my stash. I think both of these colors are beautiful!

Do you like these toppers? What do you think of the multichrome flake trend?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. These shades are gorgeous! Wow, I bet they will make great bases for a galaxy manicure too. Love that you combined the two too.

  2. Wow, these are awesome! The gradient that you did is beautiful!

  3. I agree, Lisa! I was just thinking how they would make nice galaxy manicures!

  4. Matte flakies are life.

  5. Love these polishes and love the trend! I really should get some of these!

  6. This is the first time I have seen these flakes with matte topcoat. That really works great!

  7. This is the most beautiful thing I've EVER seen. I seriously want to put this on my fingers and toes and never take it off!


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