03 October 2014

Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust Fall 2014 Swatches and Review

I have loved the textured nail polish trend ever since it started to pop up, and Zoya is definitely one of the best (in my opinion!) with their Pixie Dust polishes, which dry to a rough, sandpaper finish. This season, they've created a new variety of textured polishes called Ultra Pixie Dust - this finish is somewhere between their original Pixie Dust formula, and their grittier Magical Pixie Dust formula, and I love it!

This collection consists of three textured polishes in varying shades of red and purple. They are similar in the bottle, but they look completely unique on the nails. These colors seem perfect for the cold weather - they are vibrant and bold enough to warm anyone up! When I first saw swatches of these polishes, I was not sure how I felt, but seeing them on my nails made me realize that they are beautiful, and I hope my photos do them justice! Let's take a look:

Oswin is a clear favorite to me - a bright, ruby red polish that dries to a rough, textured finish. To get this look, I carefully painted on each coat and waited for the layer to completely dry before moving onto the next, and I skipped the top coat. (Of course, you can add top coat for a super sparkly finish!) This polish is just so eye-catching! Shown above is three thin, careful coats over base coat.

Arianna is a slightly darker red with a cool tone that dries to a rough, textured finish. This polish was more jelly-like than Oswin, so I found that the texture didn't look as dry or sandpaper-y. Shown above is three thin, careful coats over base coat - no top coat!

And finally we have Noir, a dark plum that dries to a rough, textured finish. This was the most jelly-like of them all, and the more layers I painted on, the deeper the purple base showed. I love how it looks almost black in the photo above! Where the other two polishes featured red glitters, I noticed that this one had pink glitter as well. I imagine that this color would look especially beautiful with top coat!

Overall, I really enjoyed this new formula (better than the Magical Pixie Dusts!), although I wish they all had the same formula as Oswin, which just dried so beautifully. Hopefully Zoya can continue to tweak this formula to perfection, because I am in love with these textured polishes.

The Ultra Pixie Dust polishes are available from Zoya for $10 USD each. Be sure to follow Zoya on Facebook for news and information.

What do you think of these textured polishes? Which Pixie Dust formula is your favorite?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Wow, I love your photos here! You've definitely done justice to these gorgeous shades. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, there swatches are stunning! Noir is definitely my favorite! xx

  3. These look gorgeous on you!

  4. Nice swatches! Great textures for fall but I think I like the more sparkly ones better.

  5. Perfect swatches! Oswin looks positively delectable on you. Noir is my favorite, though ;)

  6. Thanks, Lisa! I wonder what they'll have in their next Pixie Dust collection :)


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