08 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0, Day 3: Blue or Violet

Hello guys! I've got another nail art look for you from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0. Today's prompt is "blue or violet", and I just couldn't decide - I love both of those colors when it comes to nail polish, so I decided to incorporate them both in my Day 3 manicure.

Let me start by listing my inspiration for this design. I saw this absolutely adorable raspberry nail art look from Fall in NaiLove, and I instantly knew I wanted to recreate it. I figured that I should pick my own fruit to copycat the design with, so I went with blueberries and incorporated the purple background to really make it fun!

I started with a base of China Glaze Lotus Begin on all nails. This is probably my favorite purple polish! Then, using these brushes from Born Pretty Store, I painted on half circles with OPI Put a Coat On, and then smaller half circles with Essie Strut Your Stuff. The black outlines were created with acrylic paint. And of course, I topped everything off with top coat!

I will admit that I think this nail art is a bit strange! But I ended up really liking the unique color combination, and I think the cartoony feel matches the color scheme well.

I really think I need to step up my game for the rest of this challenge, but at the same time, I don't want to burn out too soon, so I guess I will just have to see where the next day takes me. I have to admit though, I am starting to get more comfortable with painting freehand, even though I have only done a few manicures so far!

Here are the colors I used. Yes, OPI Put a Coat On is technically a base coat - it's a super opaque white for wearing under neon polishes. I figured it would work well in nail art, and I was right!

I actually got all of these colors from HB Beauty Bar. You can use the code POLISHCHALLENGE at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

What do you think of my blueberry nails? Don't forget to check out the other talented ladies taking on the challenge:


  1. I LOVE this nail art!! It's soooooo adorable and the colours are so much fun!

  2. This is so cute! I like it a lot and the blueberries are so nice.

  3. Kelli, I'm reading this post for the third time and... still cannot believe! You are one of my top favourite nailart bloggers... I'm honoured to be mentioned by you here! I'm so happy to have inspired you! thank you!!! :)

  4. You are really too kind, I am in LOVE with your nails! I'm so happy you enjoyed my nail art, and I can't wait to copy your next manicure, haha!! ;)

  5. Thanks so much!! Lotus Begin is definitely a staple in my collection. I dont know how I lived without it!

  6. Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad they look enough like blueberries that people arent questioning them, LOL!

  7. I'm loving the whimsical style of it! It's something that I have never really seen on you. Kind of pop-artish too. Really love the combo!


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