26 August 2014

I Love Nail Polish Fall 2014 Collection Part 1: Multichromes and Holo

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Today, I've got the first half of the highly anticipated I Love Nail Polish Fall 2014 CollectionThis collection consists of 11 polishes; four multichromes, a holo, and six gorgeous shimmery colors, all perfect for the fall season!

This was actually my first time swatching multichrome polishes (meaning, polishes that have multiple color shifts in different lighting!), so I don’t think I was able to fully capture all of the colors. I know a lot of bloggers take underwater photos to show the full spectrum, but I don’t know how they do it, and I’m not willing to drop my camera into a bowl of water, haha! My point is, my photos don’t do these polishes justice, so be sure to check out some swatches from other bloggers as well!

Most of the polishes in this half of the collection had already been released, without additional scattered holographic pigment, so these ones are new releases with the added pigment. There is also one new multichrome. Let’s check them out:

Let’s get started with Masquerade (H), a gorgeous fuchsia multichrome that shifts from a pink/purple, to gold, to green, with scattered holographic pigment. This one was easily my favorite of the bunch – the color shift was so prominent, and the scattered holo had an awesome effect. Application was a bit streaky, but the streaks mostly disappeared once the polish dried. Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Next we have Peace (H), a multichrome that shifts from blue, to purple, to pink, with a bit of green at certain angles, as well as scattered holographic pigment. Again, gorgeous color! This one was also a bit streaky, but mostly disappeared when the polish was dry. I found that for these polishes, it helped to paint two coats for opacity, and a third thin coat to minimize streaks – but once I got the hang of it, I was able to apply carefully on my second coat. Shown above is two coats and top coat.

Bishop (H) is a multichrome that shifts from gold, to green, to blue, with scattered holographic pigment. This color shift was the least prominent of the collection, but I still think it looks lovely! (I might be biased, because I love the name of this one!) This polish definitely feels like fall to me, and I was pleased to see that the color suited my skin tone. Shown above is three coats and top coat.

Abundance is a new multichrome color, a rich red multichrome that shifts from red, to orange, to gold, to green. This was the first multichrome I swatched, and it took a bit of a learning curve to paint correctly (as I mentioned above, I needed an additional coat to even out the streaks.) This one, unlike those with holographic pigment, was still pretty streaky, even when it dried. But that extra thin coat helped make the polish look smooth and even! Plus, this color is the definition of fall – all the colors of changing leaves! Shown above is three coats with top coat.

And finally, we have Mega (L), a re-release of the I Love Nail Polish classic silver holographic polish. How is this one different, you ask? Well, this polish happens to contain even MORE linear holographic pigment, so the rainbow effect is super strong. (Made for the holographic polish connoisseur!) This is definitely the most holographic polish I have ever used, and I couldn’t bear to take it off (you can see some nail art I did over it here.) In the sunlight, this polish shows even MORE holo! Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Overall, I’m definitely into this collection. Although there are a lot of multichrome polishes on the market right now, you can definitely tell that I Love Nail Polish puts a little something extra in theirs to make them special and different. I also really like that I didn’t have to layer these over black for full opacity.

These polishes will be available soon at the I Love NailPolish website for $10-$12.50 USD each, or $120 for the full collection. They sell out quickly, so be sure to follow I Love Nail Polish on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they will be restocking!

BONUS!! I just had to try taking photos of these polishes in natural sunlight - I found out I am not very good at posting photos in natural sunlight, haha! But I did successfully capture this extra little photo of Masquerade (H):

Look at all that sparkle! ;) Which of these polishes is your favorite? What do you think of the multichrome trend?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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  1. These are just lovely! What great colors in the collection so far. Man, I want fall to come now please!


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