22 August 2014

Delush Polish: Fashionably Delushous Duo Set Review

Hi guys, I'm back with some swatches (finally!), and today I've got a special edition duo set from Delush Polish to show you. This duo was actually created to give away to celebrities at an invite -only New York City fashion event, and the creator of Delush Polish generously extended an opportunity to purchase this set to the public. Anyway, let's have a look:

The first in this set is Allure, a blackened purple polish packed with blue and red shimmer for an extra sparkle. This is definitely an autumn appropriate color, and I was pleased to find that I didn't need to layer it over black! Shown above is three coats - it was opaque in two, but I added a third coat to even out the slight brushstrokes, which seem to disappear once the polish is dry. Another thing to note is that this polish dries to a slightly matte finish. I loved it so much that I decided not to add top coat to my swatch!

Fairest of Them All is a sparkly silver foil polish with quite a reflective finish! You can almost see me and my camera in the reflection of my nails, haha! I love a good silver foil, and this one was no exception. Good formula, and it was definitely opaque in one coat, but I added a second for good measure. Again, no top coat here, because I liked the slightly matte finish.

Now, onto the goodies! This duo set also comes with two special extras - a mini crystal glass nail file, and a postcard with a beautiful drawing from artist Cristina Alonso.

The drawing is quite beautiful! You can actually see the word "Delush" painted into the model's hair, which I love. And the nail file is perfect to keep on-the-go. It even comes in this convenient leather sheath, so you can throw it in your purse without worrying about it scratching up your phone (we've all done that by accident! ... haven't we?!)

This set will be shipped starting on August 29th at the Delush Polish online shop for $24.95 USD, but you can preorder it now. You'll love the packaging, too! And, as always, you'll receive a Delush "scratch your heart out" card with any purchase.

What do you think of this set? Will you be purchasing it?

These products were provided for my honest review.


  1. These two are very pretty! I like Fairest Of Them All the best though.

  2. Lovely polishes! I prefer the purple one! *-*

  3. Thanks, Lisa! It is very pretty ;)

  4. Thank you for beautifully capturing these as always Kelli! <3

  5. love them both but the silver is hitting hard! hot!


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