17 July 2014

SCRATCH Nail Wraps Review, Zodiac Collection: Cancer

Hi all! I've got another set of nail wraps to show you today - this one is from SCRATCH, a widely known brand that has a ton of unique and gorgeous nail wrap designs. They have a series of gorgeous Zodiac inspired nail wraps, and since I am a Cancer (born on July 2nd!), I just had to try this set out.

First, let me say that the designs on this set are spot on! This design features all of the symbols of the Cancer symbol, with a milky black background shimmering with holographic microglitters to represent the stars in the sky. Cancer is a water sign, identified by the crab, which you can see on my index nail, and the 69 symbol, which you can see on my middle nail. There was also a sand inspired design in this set, which fit perfectly on my thumbs. I'm particularly obsessed with the pinky nail design (I might have to copycat this design with real polish!)

Onto the technicals - these nail wraps were very easy to apply! Some of them were slightly too large for my nails, but I just used a clean up brush and some acetone to wipe away the excess.

The only problem I found with these wraps was wearability - I thought that adding top coat would help, but when I applied it to the first few nails, I noticed the nail wraps getting wrinkled and shrinking, so I stopped. Of course, the nails that I applied top coat to lasted, but the rest were peeling up at the edges at the slightest touch. (Maybe it was the brand of top coat I used? I tried it with Glisten and Glow top coat. Let me know if you have had a similar experience with this!)

This set of decals comes with some adorable personalized packaging and a description of the inspiration behind the design, as well as information about the Zodiac symbol. It even comes with a matching midi ring! (Which I actually forgot to photograph! Doh! But, I did snap a quick Instagram photo of me wearing it on my birthday.) There is a lot of variation in the size of the decals, so anyone with large or small nail beds shouldn't have any trouble finding strips that fit.

Here is a little peek into the Cancer write-up in the packaging. So cute!

Overall, I am loving this design and set - but I'm disappointed that the wraps didn't last an entire weekend (some of them barely lasted a day!) But I think finding a proper top coat to use with them could be extremely helpful - I have another set of SCRATCH wraps, so I will definitely be testing other top coats.

If you're into astrology and Zodiac signs, then these sets are a must have. The price is a bit steep at $24 USD per set, but keep in mind it does come with a cute personalized ring as well! You can purchase the Zodiac nail wraps on the SCRATCH online shop, and be sure to follow them on Facebook as they announce the release of new sets.

What do you think of these wraps?

This product was provided for my honest review.


  1. These look amazing! Such a fun and cool design on them.


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