09 June 2014

MoYou London Sailor Stamping Skittlette

Hi guys! I'm very excited to share today's nail art with you, because it was created using an image plate from MoYou London, which is possibly one of the most highly regarded nail stamping companies in the world. They're based out of - you guessed it - London, and they have TONS of awesome image plates organized into themes, such as "Sailor", "Hipster", "Bridal", "Festive", and so many more. As someone who is used to the basic round stamping plate with 5-6 images, I was delighted to find that each rectangular plate by MoYou has up to 18 full sized images! (For a better visual, you can see the plate I used for this manicure here.) Anyway, here is the nail art look I created:

I started with a base of China Glaze Wait N' Sea on my outer two nails, ORLY Luxe on my middle finger, and China Glaze I Sea the Point on my ring finger. I created the gradient nails by adding I Sea the Point, and stamped on an image from MoYou Sailor 04 with Essie Good as Gold. I paired this nautical look with an anchor midi ring from Arm Candy Fashion.

I am extremely impressed with this nail plate! This brand really lives up to its expectations, I had absolutely no problems using the stamps. The images are crisp and thin, but they are deep enough that they can transferred perfectly with no bald patches. I used this MoYou stamper instead of my usual stamper, and I think that definitely helped as well (I'll be using this stamper from now on, for sure!). I also love that the images fit perfectly onto my nail (and they also make XL plates for those of you with longer nails!)

Another thing about MoYou - incredibly adorable packaging! Each stamping plate comes in a cute themed sleeve (you can see this one in the background here). The plate is attached to a plastic backing so there's no mess when you scrape off your excess polish.

I've got tons of nail art ideas from this nail image plate (and I've got another one, too!) so stay tuned for more of those!

Here is a visual of the colors I used. The China Glaze polishes are from HB Beauty Bar and they are a part of the new Off Shore collection, which I will be reviewing soon (spoiler alert - these ones are fantastic!) Don't forget to use the code NAILPOLISHCHALLENGE at checkout for 15% off your order.

If you've never tried MoYou and you don't think you're particularly good at stamping, try with these plates - they are so easy to use! I wish I had tried these sooner, I think I would be much more confident stamping if I had started with these plates. (Plus, the designs are so creative, and they have more variety than any other brand I've seen!) The MoYou London stamping plates are £4.99 each, which translates to roughly $6.80 USD each, and you can browse their (many) collections here.

What's been your experience with MoYou London? What collection do you like best?

Some products provided for my honest review.


  1. Loving this mani <3
    I love MoYou London plates, I loves the fairytale collection :)

  2. I love this design! I love the subtly of the gradient and the design you've stamped is so cute! I love your ring too! :)

  3. What a cute sailor manicure! I've been eying the MoYou London plates for a while and really want some but I don't know which one to start with, lol.

  4. I love your mani! Just when I thought I don't need another blue polish, I'm heading off to get "Wait and Sea". I was checking out the MoYou plates last week and they have absolutely gorgeous collections that is hard to narrow down a selection. I already warned my hubs that I will be getting some as soon as we get back to the UK :) (we'll move in 2 months and I will leaving behind most of my stash, these plates will help me with the blues) Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Amazing as always! Wait n Sea reminds me of Sunday Funday from China Glaze.


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