02 June 2014

Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014 Collection, Part 1: Scattered Holos and Shimmers

Hi guys, I've got a big review for you today: part 1 of the Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014 collection. This collection consists of 34 colors in varying finishes, and I've got 21 in total to review, so I've broken it up into categories. Today's post is all about the scattered holos and the duochrome shimmers! They're all beautiful so read on to find out about them.

Let's look at the four scattered holos first:

Mystery and Mayhem is a blackened teal absolutely packed with scattered holographic microglitters. This one is a definite favorite! This color is opaque in just two coats, as shown above (with top coat). Formula, as with all the polishes I am posting today, was thick but easy to manage.

Beautiful Disaster is a clear glitter topper packed with fuchsia holographic microglitters. It doesn't seem to build opacity on it's own, so I layered two coats over Colors by Llarowe My Own Private Island (with top coat) for the photo above. It's super pretty and very sparkly!

Purple is My Crack is a cool toned purple jelly filled with holographic microglitters. The holographic particles in this polish are definitely smaller than the first two, but it's still very shimmery! Shown is two coats with top coat, but a third coat might be necessary for those of you with longer nails, or you could layer it over a similar purple.

Independence Day is a royal blue filled with small holographic microglitters as well. I think I am in love with this polish! It's perfect for summer, and it's named so appropriately. This color would be great in some patriotic 4th of July nail art! Shown is two coats with top coat.

Moving onto the duochrome shimmers! Connie's Nosy Neighbor is a blurple polish filled with a fuchsia shimmer for a gorgeous color shift. This one is so pretty in the light! I'm happy to say this polish didn't stain my nails, but as with the other two duochrome shimmers, I got shimmer all over my hands when I removed them. But it's so worth it to get to wear this color! Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Alternate Universe is a turquoise with a gorgeous golden shimmer. It's a perfect mermaid polish! This is another polish that's perfect to rock all summer. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

And finally, we have Holiday Road, a chartreuse polish filled with red shimmer. Now, this polish is super unique! The color combination reminds me of a summery Christmas! It is a bit more sheer than the other two shimmers, but I didn't see visible nail line until I took my photos in my light box (which of course, magnifies any imperfections!) For regular wear, two coats (as shown above, with top coat) should be pretty opaque.

Overall, I am impressed with my first experience with Colors by Llarowe. The formulas reminded me of Zoya, in that they were slightly thick but easy to apply. You can purchase these polishes for $10-$12 USD each (depending on the color) on the Llarowe online shop. Make sure you "like" them on Facebook for news and restock dates.

Which colors do you like best?

These products were provided for my honest review.


  1. My gosh! These polishes are so beautiful :) Great swatches sweetie!

  2. These are stunning! Love myself some holos and the shimmers are great too. This sounds like a huge collection too. Can't wait to see the rest.

  3. These are fabulous! Great swatches as always :)
    My fave would be Alternate Universe

  4. These are very nice =) I really like the duochrome shimmers, especially the first two *.* Too bad you get shimmer all over your nails, i hate that :D

  5. Goodness .. I definitely need Purple Is My Crack because well, it is. Beautiful swatches!

  6. Your swatches are amazing! Such gorgeous shades ♥


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