14 November 2013

HB Beauty Bar Review: Nanacoco Crystal HD Shades

I have another HB Beauty Bar review for you guys! Today I am going to show you a few polishes from a brand that is relatively new to me, called Nanacoco. This brand features beautiful, high quality colors for a low price. I am going to show you my picks from their Crystal HD collection, which retail at HB Beauty Bar for $3.50 each. (Their regular color line retails for $3.00 each. I told you they're at a great price!)

About the formulas - these polishes are highly pigmented, but not thick, and they are self-leveling, which makes application super easy. The brush that comes in the bottle is flat and wide. I noticed that the polish does have a slightly different scent than most polishes, but I didn't mind it at all. The Crystal HD collection "is formulated with dazzling crystal dust and pigments saturated with luminous colors." Each is packed with a bright silver shimmer. None of the swatches below have top coat.

First we have It's Not A Dream, a rusty red (almost copper) foil. I can see this polish being used in some Christmas themed nail art! (Actually, I might be using all of these polishes for some Christmas nail art, they are all so perfect for the season!) Shown above is two easy coats.

Treasure Island is a warm golden shimmery foil. The silver shimmer is not as present in this polish, but it is still visible. This polish is a definite one coater, but I applied a second coat out of habit. A perfect warm gold polish for any occasion!

The City of Emeralds is a cool toned lime green foil. I absolutely love this color! Shown above is two easy coats. I think this was my favorite of the bunch, but it was the hardest to photograph.

Blue Sky is an ice blue foil that feels perfect for any season. It's just bright enough to be considered tropical, but icy enough to compliment any winter outfit! Shown above is two easy coats.

You can get all of these polishes and more from HB Beauty Bar, and don't forget to use the code POLISHCHALLENGE10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who is looking for some great basic colors for a low price. I will be showing some of their glitter polishes and some basic cream polishes soon.

Which is your favorite of these polishes?

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