26 November 2013

31DNAC Day 23: Inspired By A Movie

I know I haven't posted challenge manicures (or really, any manicures!) in the last week - I decided to take a weeklong break, and I have to say, I missed doing my nails! Anyway, we're back on with Day 23 of the challenge, inspired by a movie.

I saw Catching Fire, the second in the Hunger Games Trilogy, this weekend and I was absolutely in love. The movie was even better than I expected, and it followed the book very closely, which I always enjoy (isn't it annoying when the movie is totally different from the book?)

But what I thought was REALLY cool, was District 7 Tribute Johanna (I won't spoil anything about the movie, don't worry!) But anyway, before she went into the arena, Johanna had some awesome hair - it was a black to red ombre, and I was so inspired that I actually dyed my hair the same way! And then I did my nails to match! (So yes, technically, this manicure is inspired by my hair which is inspired by her hair which is inspired by the movie. Totally counts.)

I used a base of China Glaze Merry Berry, a jelly-like reddish magenta from last year's holiday collection. Then, I used a sponge and Essie Licorice to create the gradient.

I planned on freehanding some Hunger Games related art over the gradient, but I love this look alone! You can check out my personal Instagram page for photos of my new hair color. Here's a little peek:

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