07 October 2013

Jindie Nails Halloween and Fall Chic Collection Swatches

Hi guys! I am excited to review Jindie Nails on the blog today! Jindie Nails is an amazing 3-free indie brand that features some gorgeous glitter packed polishes! I have a couple of polishes from the Halloween collection, and the entire Fall Chic collection to share with you all! Let's start with two polishes from the Halloween collection:

First we have Ghosts of Candy Corn Past, which is a blacklight responsive white crelly packed with tons of glitter, including black circles, orange hexes, and yellow square glitters. Shown above is three coats with top coat. The glitters in this polish are slightly more neon than shown in the photo. I love this polish! It's a great color for Halloween and it applied smoothly. No fishing was necessary for any of the glitters, and each brushful was packed with different glitter. Since it is so glitter packed, like the rest of the polishes in this collection, it did require top coat to smooth it out.

Here is the polish mattified. Again, the glitter is brighter than the photo shows.

Blood, Bath & Beyond is another polish from the Halloween collection, a red jelly filled with holographic circle glitter in different sizes, as well as irridescent purple glitters and square hexes as well. This polish required no fishing, and it went on smoothly. Shown above is three coats, and it required top coat to smooth it out.

I love how this polish looks mattified! You can see all the irridescent glitters really well.

Next up is the first color from the Fall Chic collection and my favorite of the bunch, Midnight Rainbow. This black jelly is packed with holographic and metallic circle glitters of multiple sizes, and a whole rainbow of flecks and glitters. It's gorgeous! Shown above is three coats, but you can layer one coat over black if you want a less intense effect. This polish, like the others, required topcoat to smooth it.

Shown is this polish mattified. Again, it makes the flecks more visible and gorgeous!

The second polish from the Fall Chic collection is What Are You Smokin' Mirrors. It's a gray crelly filled with gold and silver circle glitters and various squares and shards. Are you guys tired of me saying how packed these polishes are? This one is no exception! Again, this is three coats and it needed top coat to smooth it out.

Here is the polish mattified.

Here is Shimmer Me Timbers, a deep green polish with more glitters than I can name, but it includes various circles and hexes in green, teal, and magenta. This polish was less opaque than the others - it would look great over a green base. Shown above is three colors with top coat.

Here is the polish mattified. You can get a better look at the types of glitter in this polish.

Rhythm & Blue is a royal blue jelly that dries to a satin finish, and includes circle glitters and gorgeous shards. I love the color and finish of this polish. It is the perfect blue for the season. Shown above is three coats without topcoat.

Since this polish dries semi-matte, I tried it with top coat and it looks gorgeous!

And last but definitely not least, we have the gorgeous Breakfast at Tiffany's Cousin's, a robin's egg blue with small maroon glitters as well as large white, blue, and yellow circle glitters. This color is just gorgeous, and just like every other polish in these collections, it was so easy to apply. This is three coats with top coat.

Here is the polish mattified.

Overall, I am so stunned by this collection. The colors are beautiful and unique, and they are so easy to apply, even with all the glitters they hold. None of the polishes required any fishing, and the formula was great. These are my first polishes from Jindie Nails, and now I definitely need more!

You can get all of these polishes on the Jindie Nails online store, and all of the polishes are available in two sizes - their regular 15mL bottle for $9, or the new tall 9mL bottles for $6.75. (The bottles I am holding in the photo are the 9mL bottles, and I think they are really nice!) You can also follow Jindie Nails on Facebook for collection updates and giveaways.

Which of these polishes are you going to buy?

*Note: these polishes were provided by the company for my honest review.

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