22 July 2013

Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising and Glitter Placement

Hi guys! This weekend I was lucky enough to meet Dolly of Dollish Polish, and I picked up quite a few of her lovely creations! Today, I want to show you one that's named for one of my favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones.

This color is called Cold Winds are Rising, and it's a gorgeous dark gray crelly with different sized turquoise glitter. Shown above is three coats with matte top coat.

Here's a close up - I can spot extra small and small square glitters, and medium and large hex glitters. Gorgeous!

I paired this polish with some (poorly done) glitter placement. I got these giant holographic turquoise diamond glitters at a nail supply store in Queens, and they are gorgeous! My biggest issue was placing them - I tried to work quickly because my top coat was drying super fast, and that caused some error in the placement. Well, practice makes perfect!

I have tons more Dollish Polishes to show you, but until then, you can satisfy your cravings by going to their website here. Or like their Facebook page and keep updated on restocks and other news.


  1. I think your placement of glitter is awesome! Very pretty!!

  2. Beautiful! And I love your accent nail. Maybe some wobbly placement but it still looks awesome

    1. Thanks :P I can definitely see improvement but it was fun to do! I'm excited to try again.

  3. This is a gorgeous combination! I love how you matched the glitters to the tiny blue glitters in the polish, fantastic!

  4. I used yo not like the matte look but it has definitely grown on me, love this look!


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