10 August 2012

Hard Candy Beetle Swatch (Photo Heavy)

I know I promised more nail art and I have been doing a lot of swatches lately, but today I was in Walmart and I came across a brand I'd heard about but never tried, called Hard Candy, so I picked up a few colors, including today's swatch and an incredible matte top coat which I will be showing off soon ;)
Here is three coats of "Beetle" - the name kind of put me off but I couldn't resist the color!

What a gem! This shimmery multichrome looks purple at first, but in the light it becomes a prism of purple, orange, yellow, and green!

Let's take a look at the bottle -

It actually came with this silly little heart shaped ring on the bottle. But it was too small to fit any of my fingers, so I took it off.

Look at the edges of this bottle! Beautiful.

The formula was easy to work with, but the brush was a tad small for my liking. I think it would have been fine with two coats, but I wanted another just to be sure. I think the multichrome would be stronger with a black base coat though.

Just starting to look greenish gold here -

And here is another shot of that beautiful spectrum. I wanted to take pictures outside but it is pouring so my lightbox was the best I could do.

Isn't is just so pretty? And it was only four dollars. Exclusively at Walmart.


  1. This is a really pretty color. I can't believe hard candy had such a cute polish. How long did this polish last before it chipped?

    Samantha W.

    1. To be honest, I don't usually wear polish long enough for it to chip! But I am still wearing this polish after a full day with only VERY minimal tip wear :)


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