20 July 2012

Mermaid Scales! Nail Art

Today I received in the mail my long awaited dotting tools! As expected, the five tools really didn't differ too much but all I was looking for was a bigger dotting tool to work with, and I promptly painted my nails and designed them as per little nails' tutorial.

After three nails, I'd had enough of it so I decided, heck! Why not make them my accent nails.

Base is Sinful Colors Savage, and the dots are made of CG Platinum Silver, CG For Audrey, OPI What The Shrek Are You Talking About, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Finger Paints something-or other (if you would really like to know, just ask and I'll go check but I'm too lazy right now!)

Making the dots the correct size was a lot harder than I thought, I guess because some of the colors I chose were a bit watery.

Also, I have some (somewhat) good news! My internship ends next week so I will have plenty of time to paint my nails and blog about them. And my new Bundle Monster stamps have come in! Stay tuned for some of those this weekend.


  1. I love it! It really looks like scales on a fish.
    i just ordered a package of 5 dotters. I only had one and dots are pretty much the extent of my nail art experience. I love using them though. If I could I would post a dot manicure on my blog everyday
    P.s.Your photography is great.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment :) I'm sure we actually just purchased the same dotting set of 5 and I am very pleased with mine !
      If you are looking for different types of manicures you can show off on your blog, you should look into scotch tape manicures! They are usually very simple and everyone has tape so it's easy to find ;)

  2. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but the second I saw the scales I thought of that book called The Rainbow Fish. Nostalgia city over here!

    Is it sad that I use pencils as dotters? Guess that ads to my lack of nail art talent! lol. Regardless, this is lovely =)

    1. Thanks Kristina! Trust me, every time I see fish scale nails I think of that book, it was my favorite as a kid ;)

      And before I bought dotting tools, I used any household item I could - just think of it as saving money!!


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