08 June 2012

Butter London Madness! Swatches and Review

No, Madness is not the name of a Butter London shade. The madness is that I actually got to wear the lovely and rather expensive brand!

My brother's girlfriend bought three colors for herself and was generous enough to let me play with them!

Here is my artsy photo of them together. The three colors from left to right are: Blagger, Snog, and All Hail The Queen.

Unfortunately I did not have time to swatch Snog, but it is a very pretty cream and I will be swatching it as soon as I can get my hands on it again!

So first we have All Hail The Queen, which according to the Butter London Dictionary (yes they have a dictionary) is defined as "an acclamation or welcome, as in "All Hail this gorgeous lacquer"."

It is a beautiful champagne color with lots of rainbowy shimmer in it.

Since I was in artificial light, it looked slightly cooler but I assure you, it definitely has a warm tone to it. Here is a close up on that shimmer:

The photo makes it look silver but trust me when you show it off in the sunlight, it is practically a prism of color.

I was curious what this color would look like over black, maybe a hologram effect? So I tried it out:

But wearing it over black only made it look kind of dull and streaky.

Overall I think this is a gorgeous color and can be worn at work or for a formal event!

Next I tried Blagger, which is defined as "A person with a silver tongue; a charlatan."
I had no idea what a charlatan was though, so I looked it up, and apparently it means someone who pretends to know a lot when they really don't.

I have to say, I'm really not sure why they named this color Blagger. But I love it. It is a cream blue and as some of you know, blue is my absolute favorite color to wear on my nails.

It looks perfect after just two coats. I've heard some people complain that Butter London is difficult to apply, but I found it was incredibly easy! I liked the brush size and the formula a lot.

If I could afford Butter London, trust me, I would have their whole collection! Unfortunately though it is $14 a bottle at Sephora which is a little steep for me for just nail color.

What do you guys think of Butter London? Worth the price or not?


  1. The first one with is weirdy name (smile) is beautiful. Still... I think it's high priced. BUT I'd definitely go for it to have one Butter London in my stash :P

  2. The first colour is so pretty:)

  3. I only own All Hail the Queen from BL but I absolutely love it!


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