01 February 2015

KBShimmer Spring 2015 Full Collection Swatches + Review

Hi guys! I'm so excited to finally share with you the latest from KBShimmer - their Spring 2015 Collection! This collection features twelve beautiful new polishes that'll have you excited for winter to end.

In this new collection, there are seven crellies, four holos, and one creme, all in gorgeous pastel shades that are perfect for spring. The formulas on all of these were generally very easy to work with, and I just love their wide flat brushes for easy application. For all swatches below, I used KBShimmer base and top coat. Let's get started!

I've got to start with my favorite of the bunch: To Peach His Own is a gorgeous nude crelly packed with red, purple, green, and gold hex glitters in various sizes, as well as some green and gold holographic microglitters. This is such a cute shade! For some reason it reminds me of cookies, which is probably why I love it so much. Plus, it's very flattering on my skin tone. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Sweet Egg-scape is a close second favorite for me - it's a pale pink crelly packed with red, pink, periwinkle, and aqua glitters in various shapes and sizes, including triangles and stars! It also has a light scattered holo sparkle. When I first saw this polish, it made me think of candy canes, but this is definitely a great color to wear for spring! I just love all the different shapes of glitters. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Wind Swarm is a pale blue crelly filled with purple, dark pink, gold and white glitters in various shapes and sizes, as well as a light dusting of holo sparkle. I just love this one! It's got such a unique mix of colors, but they work together beautifully. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Funky Cold Patina is a seafoam green crelly packed with blue, turquoise, copper and purple hexes in various sizes. Another totally unique mix of colors! I was very confused by the name on this one, but after looking it up, I found out that "patina" is the colored tarnish on metals (like the Statue of Liberty!), and now I feel like this mix of colors totally makes sense, which makes me like it a lot more! Definitely a pretty shade that'll be especially nice in the summer. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Cool Hand Cuke is a super light, almost white, green crelly filled with turquoise, periwinkle, dark pink, yellow and white glitters in various shapes and sizes, as well as a sprinkling of holo dust. This one was a bit sheer for me, but the end result is very pretty. I did dab on a few of the larger glitters! Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Meow or Never is a super light gray crelly filled with blue, purple, light blue, and gray hexes in various sizes, as well as holo dust. This is such a pretty spring shade! It reminds me of rain and flowers, especially with the light holo dust. This shade also felt a bit sheer to me. Shown above is three coats with top coat.

So Sweet Pea is a super light purple crelly filled with purple, teal, light pink, and white hexes in various sizes. This is another gorgeous spring shade! Again, this polish felt a bit more sheer than usual for me, but it was opaque enough in three coats. Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Time for the holos! Ins and Sprouts is a chartreuse green holo. Perfect formula, as you can expect with KBShimmer holos, and it is definitely very holographic! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Blue-d Lines is a pale blue holo. Again, the holo in this one was super strong, and the formula was fabulous! I can see this being a great color for any time of year. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Thistle Be The Day is a lavender holo. Such a beautiful spring color - and again, amazing formula. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Blush Money is a different kind of polish from KBShimmer - it's a salmon pink with a subtle holo shimmer and it's packed with gold flecks! This is such a pretty shade. I was pleasantly surprised to see something like this in this collection. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat, but it's opaque in two.

And finally, we have possibly the most important shade in the new collection, Eyes White Open, which is a basic white creme. Yes, that's right, KBShimmer has finally released a white creme! I am obsessed with the formula of their creme shades, and I am so excited to finally have a white from them. As I had hoped, the formula is perfect and it's so easy to apply. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Overall, I am really enjoying this collection. Eyes White Open is a must have for anyone looking for a good white creme! I can't wait to use it for nail art. Other favorites in this collection are To Peach His Own, Sweet Egg-scape, Wind Swarm, and Funky Cold Patina. (The three regular holos are beautiful, but I don't think they're anything too unique.)

This collection will be available from KBShimmer on February 6, along with some new nail vinyls in fun spring shapes! (I'll have a review of those soon.) Follow KBShimmer on Facebook to stay updated on new releases and sales.

Well, what do you think of the new collection? Are you planning on picking up any of these pretties?

* Some products provided for my honest review.

Base: KBShimmer Basic Training, available here
Polishes: listed above
Top: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available here


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I posted these at midnight, I've been dying to share them! Such a fabulous collection!

  2. I like Meow or Never soo much. I'm probably going to get that one. It's my favorite color! Along with the white creme of course. So happy she made one! Still debating on blush money. We'll see what my wallet says.

  3. I would get them all if I could - each one is beautiful! :)

  4. She is probably my favorite indie polish, and this collection is no exception. I can't wait to get my mitts on it!

  5. I will definitely be picking a few if these up!! Too many favorites to list here! xx

  6. As usual, I want about half of these. KBShimmer never disappoints!! My favorites re Funky Cold Patina, Ins and Sprouts, and Eyes White Open!


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