14 April 2015

NCLA Spring 2015 Collection: An LA Fairytale Swatches + Review


Hi guys! Well, spring has definitely sprung here in New Jersey, and I am loving the warm weather! Today I'm showing you the latest from NCLA, four spring inspired shades that make up the An L.A. Fairytale Collection. This collection features three delicate glitter top coats and one glitter packed crelly.

Aren't they all so pretty?! Definitely perfect shades for spring, especially paired with soft pastel base colors. The formula on all of these was easy and no fishing or dabbing was required. Let's get into it!

Enchanted City is a glitter topper packed with silver holographic microglitters, holographic dust, and matte light blue hex glitters. This one almost reminds me of Cinderella! I love how delicate it looks, especially over green. Shown is one easy coat over Zoya Tiana, with top coat.

Ever After in LA is a glitter topper packed with silver holographic microglitters, holographic dust, and super light, almost white-pink matte hexes. Another lovely dainty shade! I considered pairing this over pink, but the glitters are so light that they would look white next to a pink polish. I think it pairs really well with blue though! Shown above is one easy coat over Zoya Lillian, with top coat.

Valet My Carriage is a glitter topper packed with gold holographic microglitters, holographic dust, and matte peachy orange hex glitters. This one is similar to the other two, but the gold glitter makes it stand out! Shown above is one easy coat over Zoya Eden, with top coat.

And finally, we have Once Upon A Time, a beige crelly packed with hot pink, light pink, yellow, and blue hex glitters, as well as yellow mini bar glitters and dark purple microglittters. What a unique mix of colors! I feel like this is a color you either love or hate - personally, I love it! I'm a huge fan of crellies and I love seeing them from boutique brands. This polish was a tad thick to apply, but I loved how opaque it was. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Overall, I'm definitely into this collection! I personally prefer the silver based glitter toppers to the gold one, so I'm glad to see there are two of them - and they're perfect for spring. But the crelly is definitely my favorite!

This collection is available from NCLA for $16 USD per bottle. Which one do you like best?

Polishes used:
Zoya shades (listed above, review here)


  1. I love how you paired them, but was disappointed to see they were just the glitter toppers because your combos are beautiful! I'm not in love with any of them to pay $16 a bottle for them tho. Especially now that you've got me hooked on those darn Aussie brands that I gotta pay shipping on! lol

  2. You are so right, Kelly! Although these are some tasty quites, overall they are not tempting enough to buy when you've got to add shipping cost (as for me, living in Poland, usually shipping rates take the biggerst part in total price per bottle). Sad but true :(

    and as usual: Kelli, you are a brilliant swatcher!

  3. What pretty and delicate looking glitters these are.

  4. How on earth do you do it? Your glitter toppers are always matched with just the right undercoat, and often I see pairings that wouldn't cross my mind (but when I see yours I think, "of COURSE it should be so!"). Beautiful glitters and well done, you!

  5. Haha oh my gosh you are too kind <3 Although I'll admit I spend more time than I probably should on trying to decide what base to pair my glitters with LOL!! Thank you so much for your compliments :)

  6. Haha, I can see where you both are coming from. For the price, they are a bit less than original!

  7. The all have the WOW factor, I couldn't choose just one that I like! Fantastic swatches!


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