17 April 2015

Cirque Metropolis Collection April 2015 Releases: Swatches + Review


Hey guys! I have another installment of the Cirque Metropolis Collection to show you today. (It's such a lovely spring day and I'm going to spend my time outside, so I'll get right to it!)

This month's releases features two gorgeous spring cremes that will transition nicely into summer. As usual, the formula on these is fantastic - and I just love the scent of Cirque polishes! (Possibly a tea tree oil scent? If you haven't smelled this brand, you're missing out.) Anyway, let's take a look:

Sunset Park is described as a "bright coral creme." This shade is definitely bright, but dusty at the same time - does that make sense? Either way, it definitely seems appropriate for spring, and it'll be a nice transitional color for when summer arrives. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat!

Vigo is described as an "orchid pink creme." I love this one! It feels like a color that you can wear all year - personally, I love wearing orchid shades like this in the fall, but this one is bright enough to wear during warmer seasons, and it's definitely a classic pedicure color. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Overall, these are two great staples to add to your collection - I think they're on the more classic side, so they'll appeal to a wide audience.

Which is your favorite?!

Polishes used:
(Review shades listed above)


  1. Both are gorgeous cremes and really nice for the season right now too.

  2. These are lovely and perfect for the seasonal changes coming ;-)


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