09 November 2014

Cirque Colors Ultimate Luxe Gift Set Review

Holiday season is upon us, and what better gift to give than nail polish?! Today I've got this amazing limited edition Ultimate Luxe Gift Set from Cirque Colors to show you, and it's the perfect holiday gift. It even comes wrapped in a little gift box with a bow - the perfect stocking stuffer!

The set comes with two luxurious polishes in silver and gold. This was actually my first experience with New York based indie brand Cirque, and I was already impressed with the beautiful bottles before I even tried them out! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed with the formulas on these. Let's take a look:

Au is the first polish in the duo. It's a 23 karat gold flake top coat that's absolutely stunning! The gold flakes are surprisingly malleable - it's tough to describe, but they almost melt onto your nail when you paint them. This polish feels ridiculously luxurious! It's perfect for an elegant affair. Shown is one coat painted over black, plus top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. Isn't it amazing that you can paint gold onto your nails?! I love it! Au is valued at $40 USD.

Mirror Mirror is the aptly named pure silver coated flake polish. It's full coverage, and boy does it sparkle! This polish is so reflective, I feel like I can see myself (and my black camera) reflected in my swatch! These flakes have really unique shapes, almost like shards, and they fit together beautifully - not to mention, it's ridiculously easy to apply, which surprises me for a full coverage glitter. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. You see what I mean with these flake/shards? Again, this is a super elegant polish. I can see why this gift set is named "Ultimate Luxe"! Mirror Mirror is valued at $18 USD.

As you can probably see, I am really impressed with my first Cirque experience. The polishes are so luxurious and elegant, and application was incredible for both polishes. Plus, the colors are perfect for the holiday season!

This gift set is available from Cirque Colors for $45 USD, and will only be available for the holidays!  You can also find Cirque brand in-store and internationally - see their stockists here. Make sure you follow Cirque on Facebook for news and information!

Have you ever tried Cirque? What do you think of this gift set?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. These are fabulous! Great review dear!

  2. Both of these are gorgeous and oh so shiny!

  3. I bought these for myself just a few days ago. It will also be my first experience with the brand and it sounds like I will not be disappointed! I think the reason you felt like the gold flakes were so malleable and formed so well to the nail is because high karat gold is very soft! I'm so excited to get these!

  4. I am sure you will love them, Katherine!!

  5. A must have for me and my clients! Superior swatches. Made me want a couple bottles!!!


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