11 November 2014

Bundle Monster Glitzy Glitter Collection Review

Hi all, today I've got some fun new glitter toppers to show you from Bundle Monster. They're mainly known for their stamping plates, but Bundle Monster recently released some new glitter toppers - including this one, the Glittering City Lights Collection, which consists of six colorful glitters that'll liven up any polish!

These six glitter toppers all had the same consistency, pretty glitter heavy, and in a thick base. They were pretty easy to apply, but dabbing or sponging might be easier for application. Read on to see individual swatches:

First up we have my favorite of the collection, Liquid Courage, a holographic glitter topper that features silver, fuchsia, and blue hex glitters. This topper is definitely appropriate for clubbing! It's also a great glitter to keep around for glitter placement manis. Shown above is one coat over Cult Cosmetics DTLA, plus top coat.

Next we have Champagne Room, a white glitter topper with various satin hexes and bar glitters. I love a good white glitter topper, especially around winter - it reminds me of snow. Not too original though! Shown above is one coat over Essie Strut Your Stuff, plus top coat.

Bottle Service is a black and white glitter topper featuring various hexes and white bar glitters. Again, this glitter topper isn't terribly original - but if you don't have a black and white glitter in your collection, this is a good one to buy! Shown is one coat over Essie Sittin' Pretty, plus top coat.

Girls Night Out is a glitter topper featuring blue, green, and red metallic hexes, with a small scattering of mini fuchsia hexes around. I'm a bit confused by the name on this one - personally, I think the color combination is a tad boyish! But I think it looks really nice over gray. Shown above is one coat over KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, with top coat.

I Bleed Glitter is a gold glitter topper featuring iridescent hexes, as well as various metallic gold and copper glitters and a small bit of blue glitters as well. Ironically, the glitters in this polish do bleed - making the base of the polish yellow tinged. I decided to layer it over green because I thought it paired nicely, but this polish probably looks best over black (and then you don't have to worry about the yellow base!) Shown above is one coat over Essie Ruffles & Feathers, plus top coat.

And finally we have Sin City, a rainbow glitter topper featuring red, green, gold, and blue metallic glitters. I can't decide how I feel about this glitter - it is fun on the nails, but the color combination feels a little basic to me. Shown is one coat over Zoya Spencer, plus top coat.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this collection. On the one hand, if you are relatively new to the nail polish world and want to expand your glitter collection, this is a great purchase to make - especially since they are so inexpensive. But if, like me, you have a ton of glitter polishes, you may find that these color combinations seem to fall flat. My favorites are Liquid Courage and Bottle Service.

This collection is available from Bundle Monster for $17.50 USD, or you can purchase the polishes individually for $2.99 USD each. You can follow Bundle Monster on their social media sites below.

What do you think of this collection? Hit or miss?

These products were provided for my honest review.


  1. Some fun glitters these are! I like the mix and variety to them. They look really good to me. My favorite is I Bleed Glitter.

  2. Hi Kelli, some of these glitters do seem pretty basic, but I think they'd be great if you need a replacement for a similar one you may have that's gotten thick or you used it all up. Plus, the look can be changed depending on the basecoat you use. I enjoy your unique combinations here!


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