03 September 2014

Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014 Collection, Part 3: Creams and Jellies

Hello everyone! I know I was just talking about how much I love fall, but it's still technically summer, and I have just a few more summer polishes to show off! I've finally got the final third of the Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014 collection for you today - part one consisted of scattered holos and shimmers, and part two was linear holos and glitters, and today (part three) consists of creams and jellies!

So, this final group of seven polishes consists of five creams and two jellies, all with the same thick but easy to use formula that I have come to expect from Colors by Llarowe! Let's look at them individually:

Smokin' in the Boys Room is a dark cool-toned gray cream with a jelly-like formula - it takes only two coats to reach full opacity, but it's super shiny. I think this polish will transition into fall nicely! Shown above is three coats plus top coat.

Next we have Candy is Dandy, a gorgeous and bright orchid cream with a jelly-like finish. This one was slightly less creamy than the gray, so it took an extra coat to become fully opaque, but the color is just gorgeous! I love how tan it makes me look. Shown above is three coats with top coat.

And of course, we have Liquor is Quicker (don't you love these names?!), which I would describe as a bluish leaning periwinkle polish with a jelly-like finish. As with the others, it's super glossy, even without top coat! I definitely love this color - it's also unique to my collection, which is nice. Shown above is two quick coats and top coat.

Next we have Frenzy, a cool-toned pink cream with a jelly-like finish. This polish definitely has a cooler tone than what I've managed to capture here, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. Shown above is two coats with top coat. And I must warn you - even with base coat, this polish stained my nails pretty badly! But, if you have a good way to remove stains (or want to use this polish for nail art), you're in the clear.

Read My Lips, More New Colors is a totally neon orange cream with a jelly-like formula. Usually neons tend to be chalky and hard to level, but I had no trouble at all with this one! A super bright color that's perfect for the beach or pool, I think this is another one that looks great on my skin tone. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Now, onto the jellies! I categorize "jellies" as sheer polishes that can't be fully opaque on their own. Summer... Finally! is one of those jellies. It's a super sheer bright pink that almost looks orange in the bottle. I layered two coats over white for this swatch to show off the true color (plus top coat.) I think jellies are great for nail art and applying over other polishes to change their look. My only concern with this one in particular, is that I noticed some spots in it. I couldn't tell if they were air bubbles or spots of unmixed pigment, but you can see them pretty prominently on my index finger. Either way, like I said, this is a good addition to your collection if you want to try some interesting nail art, and the color is pretty impressive too!

And finally, we have Strawberry Wine, another sheer pink jelly. This one looks red in the bottle, but over white, it's a dark pink. This one gave me similar troubles as the other jelly, and you can see the dark spots on all of my nails. I found that this one stained my cuticles as well (and that is why you see some white peeking through in my manicure! I didn't want to flood my cuticles and stain them.) But like I said before, I think jellies are great for nail art (and they make ultra smooth gradients!) so I think this one will have a nice purpose in my stash. If you have any tips for jellies like this, let me know. Shown above is two coats over white, plus top coat.

Overall, I think these creams are very nice. The colors are great for the warm days we have left, and I think a few of them will transition nicely into fall. The jellies, while difficult on their own, will probably be great for nail art! The formulas are generally super easy to work with - they're slightly thick, but great to apply. You can purchase the creams and jellies for $6 USD each on the Llarowe online shop. Make sure you "like" them on Facebook for news and restock dates.

What do you think of these summer creams?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Beautiful swatches and colors!

  2. These are lovely! Great swatches too.


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