20 July 2014

HB Beauty Bar China Glaze Off Shore Collection, Part 2: Stoked to be Soaked

I finally have the second half of the Summer 2014 China Glaze Off Shore collection! Most of you will remember my review of the first half of the collection from a bit ago - well, I'm back with six more gorgeous summer polishes, this time bright, warm tones.

As I mentioned, I love that this collection is split up into warm and cool tones, and I love that the collection covers every part of the rainbow! Let's look at them individually:

Shore Enuff is a gorgeous lime green cream with a flawless finish. This is the perfect summery green, and I love how creamy and opaque it is! Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Be More Pacific is a green-leaning creamy yellow polish, another gorgeous summer color! I would definitely describe this as a green (especially compared to the next polish), but I know some people describe it as a yellow - let's let the swatch do the talking! Shown above is three easy coats and top coat.

Sun Upon My Skin is a gorgeous lemon yellow cream! I think what I love about this collection is that it looks like it's layered over white because it's so bright, but with the opacity of these polishes, a white base is completely unnecessary. Shown above is three coats and top coat.

If In Doubt, Surf It Out is a lovely dusty orange cream. This one seems to be a bit darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle, but it looks beautiful just the same. Shown above is three thin coats and top coat.

Stoked to be Soaked is a super bright orange cream that reminds me of a traffic cone! I'm not a huge fan of bright oranges like this one, but the formula was great and I think it'll be perfect for nail art.

And finally, we have Seas the Day, a bright cherry red cream that's definitely suitable for summer. Another great color for nail art! I really enjoy this one and I love the classic summery color. Shown above is three thin coats and top coat - two coats was opaque enough, but I added a third for consistency.

As with the last half of the collection, I love all of these and I think they are all amazing for nail art - especially since the colors cover such a wide spectrum! My favorites are Shore Enuff and If In Doubt, Surf It Out.

You can get these six polishes in a set from HB Beauty Bar for $23.70 USD hereor individually here for $3.95 USD per bottle. And don't forget, you can use the code POLISHCHALLENGE at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I am hosting a giveaway sponsored by HB Beauty Bar - you could win all 12 polishes from the Off Shore collection! Read the rules and how to enter here.

These products were provided for my honest review.


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