26 June 2014

Delush Summer 2014 Collection: Essence of Summer Swatches

Hello guys! I've got swatches to show you today from Delush Polish, an indie brand that features some gorgeous colors. Their new summer collection, the Essence of Summer Collection, consists of eight bright polishes with a unique shimmery finish. Warning: this post is photo heavy! I wanted to capture the gorgeous shimmer, so I have two photos of each polish!

Here are all of the polishes in the collection. They're all gorgeous, and the formula is easy to use, but the polishes are a bit sheer. Most of the photos you see above required 3-4 coats for opacity without any visible patches! But I think these pretty colors are worth it ;)

First up is It's About Thames, a gorgeous sky blue polish with a gorgeous green and purple shimmer. I absolutely love this color - light blues like this are perfect for summer, and this one is no exception. Perfect for a day at the pool! This was one of the more opaque polishes in the bunch, but I had to add a third coat to cover up any slight patches. Shown above is three coats and top coat.

Here is a shot in the bottle and a closeup on the nail. Isn't it so pretty?

Shake Your Teal Feather is a - you guessed it - light teal polish with a gorgeous blue and fuchsia shimmer. I'm obsessed with this one! It's more subtle and delicate than most polishes out this summer, which I love. Shown above is four thin coats and top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. Look at that shimmer!

You Glow Girl is a sunshine yellow polish with a gold, fuchsia and blue shimmer scattered throughout. I have a tough time liking yellow polishes with my skin tone, but I happen to think this shade looks awesome on me! I have a feeling this color will be universally flattering on all skin tones, because it's so bright. Shown above is four thin coats with top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. I had a bit of trouble capturing the shimmer in this polish, but it's definitely noticeable in person!

Brazen is a bold orange packed with gold and fuchsia shimmer. Again, I don't normally find myself reaching for oranges, but I love this one with my skin tone! This polish is definitely beach appropriate. Shown is three coats and top coat.

Here's a closeup on the nail and in the bottle. Look at that intense gold shimmer!

Bombshell is a cool toned Barbie pink with a light blue shimmer. This type of pink is so in this summer, and I love it! Cool toned pinks are gorgeous, and this one definitely fits the bill. Shown above is three coats and top coat.

Here's a closeup on the nail and in the bottle.

Indulgence is a hot red-pink with an intense fuchsia shimmer. This is a classic color for all of you pink lovers - I think it'll look great on toes! This was the most opaque polish of the bunch, and it only took two coats for full opacity, as shown above (with top coat.)

Here is a closeup on the nail and in the bottle.

Orchid Situation is a pretty lavender shade with a blue-green shimmer. I actually really love this pairing of color and shimmer - something we've been seeing this season, but I can't get enough of! Shown above is three thin coats and top coat, but I think I could have benefited from adding a fourth to make the color really pop.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail.

And last, but definitely not least, we have Swans Upon a Time, a white polish packed with radiant red and fuchsia shimmer for a beautiful glow. Now this polish is nothing like anything in my collection! It's so classy and delicate - it really reminds me of swans, or white roses! (Plus, white is perfect for showing off your tan!) Shown above is four thin coats and top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. Isn't it just radiant?

Overall, I am really loving these colors. I could see myself wearing them all summer! Like I said, most of the colors will require 3-4 coats for full opacity, but I think it's worth the effort. (And the polish isn't thick, so it won't feel too heavy on your nails!) My top picks are Shake Your Teal Feather, BrazenBombshell, and Swans Upon a Time. Which are your favorites?

The Essence of Summer collection will be available tomorrow, Friday June 27th, at noon eastern time at the Delush Polish online shop. You can also follow Delush Polish on Facebook for news and updates!

For those of you who've never shopped with Delush Polish before, they offer an awesome scratch off card with every purchase (no matter what you buy) where you have a chance to win awesome prizes, ranging from free shipping on your next order, to naming their next nail polish collection!

I even got a scratch off with my polishes! Of course, not every card is a winner, but the thrill of the gamble gets me every time ;) You can read more about the Scratch Your Heart Out card here.

What do you think of this collection? Which ones will you be picking up tomorrow?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. This is a very nice collection! I really like the colors here.

  2. Brazen is my favorite, and it looks so great on you!

  3. Loving Brazen! That shimmer!!!

  4. Very pretty swatches! Got my eyes on You Glow Girl. <3

  5. These shades are all so pretty and delicate! Lovely :)


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