12 June 2014

Dance Legend Confetti Collection Swatches

Today I am excited to share a new-to-me international brand of nail polish called Dance Legend. Based in Russia, Dance Legend is known for their gorgeous polishes in a variety of finishes (including holographics and thermals!), and today, I've got five polishes from their new Confetti Collection to show you!

These colors are all pretty summery, huh? Well, this collection is actually packed with tons of other colors, ranging from the darkest blue to lime green (you can see them all here.) This was my first time trying Dance Legend, and I was lucky enough to get to try a few different finishes. The formulas on all of these were great, and the brush was wide for easy application. I should also mention, these polishes are numbered, rather than named! Anyway, let's take a look at them individually:

548 is a gorgeous neon Barbie pink with a light blue shimmer throughout. I am slowly becoming a pink polish lover, and this one is definitely no exception - it's stunning! I thought it would be quite sheer at first, but it reaches full opacity in just two to three coats. I've used three coats with top coat for my swatch.

549 is a pale lavender shimmer with a light blue duochrome shift. Another stunner - I don't think my photos do this polish justice, but just take a look at how the polish looks in the bottle! It's absolutely gorgeous on the nail, but you can see brush strokes, so be careful with application. Shown above is three coats - two coats for full opacity, and one thin coat to smooth out the brushstrokes - and top coat.

540 is a pale neon coral pink cream that's perfect for summer. I feel like I am gushing with these polishes, but I love this one too. (It's also a perfect base for summer themed nail art!) Unlike most light colors, this polish went on smoothly and easily. Shown above is three thin coats and top coat.

535 is a classic cherry red shimmer. Gorgeous color, opaque in just two easy coats. This is another polish with visible brush strokes, so be careful with application. Shown above is two coats and top coat.

530 is a golden yellow with a faint hint of green shimmer (which I couldn't seem to capture accurately in my photo!) It's subtle, but it definitely makes this polish unique! I wish yellows looked better with my skin tone, but the color itself is very pretty, so I like it! Again, be careful with application on this one, because brushstrokes are slightly visible. Shown above is three thin coats and top coat.

Overall, I am loving my first experience with Dance Legend. I loved the ease of application, especially with those wide brushes (no clean up necessary!), and the colors themselves are so pretty. My favorite is 548, but I suggest trying out a few others as well to get a feel for the brand!

Dance Legend is available internationally at Llarowe for $9 USD per polish (they also sell a variety of rare and international polishes, so it's worth looking around!). Be sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook for restocks and updates.

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. These are nice! Really liking the first three colors in your swatches.

  2. The last two make me have Christmas on my brain. Can you teach a swatch class? I want to be great like you. Thanks


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