17 March 2014

Zoya Awaken Collection and Monet Swatches

I can't believe it's supposed to snow again in New Jersey! I wish the weather would make a decision. But in the meantime, I have swatches of the new Zoya Awaken collection, along with the special glitter topper, Monet. These pastel polishes are totally perfect for spring, and come with a variety of colors and finishes. Unfortunately, one of my bottles broke in transit (it's called Dot, and it's a soft pink cream. See it here.) But, at least I have the rest to show you!

Cole is a soft peachy orange cream. I love the delicate color of this polish, and the formula was as expected of a light polish like this - patchy on the first coat, but totally opaque and smooth in three.

Brooklyn is the most unique polish in this bunch - it's a super pale yellow-gold metallic polish. It takes careful application, because you can see brushstrokes on the nail, but it's stunning and elegant. I was surprised at how much I like this! Shown above is two careful coats.

Dillon is a soft bluish green polish loaded with irridescent flecks for a sparkly but delicate finish. This color reminds me of a mermaid! It catches the light beautifully. Shown above is two coats.

Rebel is a bright sky blue also loaded with the irridescent shimmery flecks. This color is another stunner, and I really love how it looks with my skin tone. Shown is two coats.

Hudson is a bright lavender polish loaded with irridescent flecks. It has the same great formula as the other two shimmer polishes, and looks just as beautiful and delicate on the nail. Shown above is two coats.

And finally, we have Monet, which is described as a "multi-colored, cellophane holographic special effect topper". These irridescent hex glitters pair well over any polishes from this collection, but I chose to pair it over Hudson, and I like the combination. It was slightly difficult to apply evenly, because I couldn't see how much glitter was on the brush, but a few coats would even it out. Shown above is one dabbed coat over purple.

When I first saw this collection of delicate pastel colors, I wasn't thrilled. But as soon as I tried them on, I found myself really loving them, especially the three shimmery polishes. I would definitely recommend getting at least one of them, to see the beautiful effect for yourself.

These polishes are available on the Zoya website for $9 USD per bottle, while Monet is $10 USD. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for news and updates!

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Its a nice collection for Spring. Sad that Dot broke though and you weren't able to swatch it.

  2. Great swatches! It's a shame Dot broke, but at least it was only one nail polish! Monet is such a great glitter topper! I love the look of Dillon, it reminds me of mermaids too! :)


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