20 April 2013

Stripes with Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer

Today I have some simple nail art for you using some great colors that the amazing Colour Gossip sent me to review! I'll show you my nail art first, then go over the swatches and review.

In this manicure, I also used ORLY Luxe for a gold highlight. Anyway, here are the colors I used:

This first color is Shallow, a lovely sheer creamy white. This color would be great for a French manicure! I used three coats to build opacity.

Next up we have Bora Bora, a periwinkle with just the slightest hint of silver shimmer.

When I first got this color, I thought it looked like Essie Bikini So Teeny, but no dupes here! Bora Bora is much more saturated and the shimmer is more slight. This is just two coats.

I think this color is a great base for nail art!

And last but not least we have Designer Shades, a stunning orangey yellow creme.

When I used this in my nail art, it turned out a bit less saturated and more of a pale yellow, but alone on the nail it really pops! I had to use four coats to make the color fully opaque, but I'm sure it would be easier to build up if I had used a white base.

I really love this color even though I thought I wouldn't - it's just so summery! Perfect for toes in my opinion.

The formula of Colour Gossip is amazing. The colors were a bit thin, which I like much better than a thicker, gloopy polish! I think the best part of this brand is that each collection that they create gives donations to different organizations for each bottle sold! Check out more information on their website.

What do you guys think of this brand?

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  1. Very pretty colors, I love what you did with the stripes!


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