05 January 2013

China Glaze Blue Bells Ring with Essie As Gold As It Gets

This is an old manicure I found in my files - it's China Glaze Blue Bells Ring with a topper of Essie Luxeffects As Gold As It Gets. I think this combination looks very pretty!

I was definitely toying with my macro function on my camera for these photos and they turned out really nicely!

I think my biggest problem is that since I've moved out of my dorm for break, my lightbox is now in a different room with different light and my photos aren't looking as good as they usually do! But not to worry, I'll be moving back at the end of January. For now, I might just have to take pictures of my nails outside.


  1. Wow, what a pretty combo! It reminds me of OPI Reflecting Pool :)

    1. I haven't heard of that one but it must be pretty! ;)


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